Add maps and camera placement to Ava Aware

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This article explains how to add a map to Ava Aware and how to add cameras to maps.


Add map

Select Map view from the main menu and switch into Edit-mode and select the + symbol on the left side of the screen.

From the dialog windows upload the map to Ava Aware.

Right click on the map and select Rename if the name is not correct or select Delete if it is the wrong map.

Toggle the edit button back to View-mode to save.

Add camera to map

Make sure you are in Edit-mode and drag the selected camera onto the correct place on the map.

Position the camera and point it in the right direction and make sure the field of view is matching the camera view on the top right. Select if the camera is ceiling or wall mounted and point the arrow in thedirection of the Ava logo.

Correct direction of the arrow is nessecary to determine the sound direction.
If you are placing a 360 camera, drag the cone handles to make a circle.

Advanced Field of View settings

Make sure you are in Edit-mode and click on the selected camera, and click on Advanced FoV.

Click on corresponding points on both the view and map. There needs to be at least three points before Ava Aware can calculate the field of view.

Click Calculate FoV to set the view.

Add more points if necessary.

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