Network Requirements for Openpath Controllers

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An Ethernet connection with DHCP must be used to connect the Smart Hub (ACU) or Single Door Controller (SDC) to the Local Area Network (LAN). You also need to configure firewall settings to communicate with the Openpath system. Openpath uses the following outbound ports:

  • TCP port 443

  • UDP port 123

NOTE: If using an external DNS server, outbound UDP port 53 must also be open.

To support Wi-Fi unlocking from the mobile app, the ACU/SDC's inbound TCP port 443 must be available from within the LAN. Inbound port forwarding on the router, firewall, or NAT device is not required.

We do not allow HTTPS certificate rewriting or TSL/SSL inspection.

IP Address

Currently, we do not provide an IP range or FQDN list of Openpath hostnames. Most hostnames resolve to dynamic IPs and the hostnames themselves change during provisioning and configuration update processes. If you wish to segregate traffic from your Openpath controllers, you can enable a DMZ for the controllers to separate their traffic.

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